Stories by Sufferers of Dercum's Disease
(Adiposis Dolorosa)

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Maureen's Story
As the instigator of this webpage, this is my experience with Dercum's
Sara's Story

This is one sufferer's story -- (click on the link above for the full story)

"What lies behind these eyes? Dear Dercum's sufferers, perhaps only you could understand. I have now grown Dercum's tumors on nearly every nerve in my body. I have forgotten how it feels to feel good, after 39 years of Dercum's and 2 years of osteoid osteoma. Only deep faith in the goodness of G-d, Yoga breathing, meditation and prayer, and most of all, the love a affection of my dear husband of 41 years, and my 3 caring children (and the laughter of my grandchildren.) The attached story pretty well outlines my history, 20 years of a quest to find a diagnosis, what worked, what didn't, and where I am now. At this point I am 63 years old, and mostly bedridden. I think death might be a mercy, but, like most sane people, I don't really want to die. I just want this horrible pain to stop. But it never does, not for one second unless I'm unconscious. In the last 125 years since they discovery of Dercum's, no serious research has been done. I pray that this will change. Maybe this Website will be a help in some way. G-d help you and give you the strength to bear, if you have been unfortunately stricken with this mysterious, painful condition. I believe that people with Dercum's go straight to Heaven, because surely we have already suffered Hell.   -- Peace & blessings,   Sara Mandell"

Dorrit's Story
Dorrit's story tells of the difficult diagnosis, the ineffectiveness of the "recommended" treatments, and the relentless progression of this disease.
Nunnie's Story
Pam's story of her course of the discovery about this disease.
Chris's Story 
Another story of the difficult path to a diagnosis of Dercum's (and the lack of treatments)
Short Dercum's Stories
Some short personal stories, for those who didn't want to write pages, or who wrote me a compelling e-mail.
Commentary on Dercum's
Some thoughts by Don, the volunteer who helped create this web site.

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